Our Schedule

We are currently offering classes every Saturday

Want us to offer another language or consider an event to plan – don’t hesitate to contact us! Want us to introduce EoTR Foreign Languages to your child’s school. Please click here to reach out. 

Spanish, French, & Mandarin for Kids

We use our own curriculum for our classes which offers age-appropriate activities to students in each target language. We understand that each child learns and processes information differently, so we do not use one generic curriculum.  In order to introduce interesting and fresh ideas, our instructors are provided with the freedom to infuse different techniques to ensure your child is exposed to different ways to learn the language. Some examples of how this may look, is through hearing a story, telling a story, tasting a different food and describing the taste and texture in the target language, viewing a painting or drawing and describing the details in the target language, singing a song, playing a game, or responding to prompts.

Washington Tennis and Education Foundation (WTEF)

Ward 7

Location:  200 Stoddert Place SE 20019 

Time :   Saturday, 11:15-11:55 AM (3-4 year old class) and Saturday 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM 

(Classes for 2020/21 school year will be virtual until further notice) 

Dates: 09/7/2020 – Continuous Enrollment