Full School Year EoTR Prices:

$110/month for our Saturday Academy – we offer so much more than class room instruction. Start time for this class is 12pm-1pm.  

$80/month for our pequeños alumnos (“little learners”)  45 minute classes.  Pequeños alumnos are our 4-6 year old students.  Start time for this class is 11:00-11:45amWhen space is available, parents can sign up for a one-time only daily trail ($10), which will be deducted from the monthly fee ($75), at the time of registration.  

We provide a 20% Sibling Discount for our EoTR families.  That discount is already included in our pricing. Also, we understand this is a long term commitment so we encourage parents to discuss any pricing concerns with us openly – we will do our best to assist! We try to offer discounts during every registration period.

No additional registration fees are charged.  

Every student will be charged a $20 materials fee (non-refundable) to include assessments via pre-/post-test with virtual instructors.  

At EoTR we allow families to enroll any time during the school year because our curriculum is based on knowledge building through repetition, hands-on activities, and visual aids.

Payments are automatically deducted each month on the same day as your initial enrollment.

Because we want to provide exceptional service, parents are free to cancel at anytime for any reason. To cancel parents must submit a withdrawal request via email by the 5th of the month!

Please read our Terms and Conditions


EoTR Class Specifics:

Classes are once a week for 60 minutes unless otherwise noted.  Our pequeños alumnos (“little learners”) classes are 40 minutes long. In addition to classroom time, we do schedule play dates so children can practice the target language with their peers.

Saturday Academy is located at the Washington Tennis & Education Foundation – 200 Stoddert Place SE Washington, DC

We understand the value of small class sizes; therefore we have maximum of ten kids per class (one teacher).

We do not have classes on major holidays and for ease of tracking parents we follow DCPS’ schedule. We will provide reminders of upcoming holidays.

Weather, school closures and emergencies:

Here is the drill – we follow the DCPS school schedule, if DCPS is closed so are we.  If we happen to be closed for any other reason we will send out an email and text message to families.

If, for any reason we need to cancel classes, we will schedule make-up classes. We do have a substitute instructors, so it is unlikely that we would have to cancel classes. However, in the event, this occurs we will share all details regarding make-up classes via email, text messages or verbally share at drop-off.

In-person 6-weeks (4-6)
In-person (6-wk) 4-6 
In-person 6-wk 2 Students
30% Sibling Discount for In-person 6-wk   
In-person 6-wk (7-11)
In-person 6-wk (7-11)
Virtual 6-wk
Virtual 6-week
Virtual 6-wk 2 Students
Virtual 6-wk 2 Students
Option A: 5-wk (1 Child) no after
Option A: 5-wk (1 Child) no after care.  
Option B: 5-wk (2 kids) no after
Option B: 5-wk (2 kids w/20% disc).  No after care. 
Option C: 5-wk (3 kids) No after
Option C: 5-wk (3 kids w/20% disc.) No after 
Option D: 5-wk (1 Child) After
Option D: 5-wk (1 kid) Aftercare.
Option E: 5-wks (2-kids) After
Option E : 5-wks (2 kids w/20% disc.) Aftercare.  
Robotics Class
Robotics Class (Feb 11th - Mar. 11th) No class on April 16th
Option F: 5-wks (3 Kids) After
Option F: 5-wks (3 kids) Aftercare  
Option G: 3-wks (2 kids) No After
Option G: 3-wks (2 kids w/20% disc) No After. Must contact w/dates.
Option H: 3-wks (2-Kids) After
Option H: 3-wks (2 kids w/20% disc) Aftercare
Computer Build
Free Computer Build (Mar. 4th - Apr. 1st) Must Register
Ward 7 Robotics
Ward 7 Robotics (Mar. 4th - Apr. 1st)
Option I: 2-wks (1 Child) No After
Option I: 2-wk (1 Child) No After
Option J: 4-wks (2 Kids) No After
Option J: 4-wks (2 Kids) No After w/20%
Option K: 2-wks (1 child) After
Option K: 2-wks (1 child) After
Daily Rate w/2 campers Sib Discount
Daily rate for 2 campers w/Sibling discount w/o after care
Daily Rate 1 Camper ($45)
Daily rate for 1 camper w/o After care 
Option L: 4-wks (1 child) No After
Option L: 4 wks (1-child) No After
After Care $48 drop-in price
Please email before using "drop-in" services. ****After care 3:30-5:30PM***
Option M: 3/4-wks (2 Kids) No After
Option M: 3/4 -wks (2 Kids) No After
Option N: 4-wks (1 kid) After
Option N: 4-wks (1 kid) After
Option O: 3 wks (1 kid) No After
Option O: 3 wks (1 kid) No After
Option P: 3 wks (3 Kids) After
Option P: 3 wks(3 Kids) After
Kids Camp Shirts
Kids Camp Shirt. Email w/size
Adult Camp Shirt
Adult Camp Shirt
Option Q: 3.5 wks (1 Kid) After
Option Q: 3.5 wks/after incl. 
Option R: 4/5wks (2 kids) After
Option R: 4/5 wks (2 Kids) After

If you need to enroll more than 4 students for any of our classes, please call 202-599-2251 or email us at info@eotrlingokids.com