Our Programs

Saturday Language Academy
Ages 3 -12 years old

Spanish, French or Mandarin

At EoTR, all of our classes are structured and fun! Our lessons always start with classroom circle time, building on previous lessons, and then the fun begins. At EoTR Foreign Languages for Kids students acquire or hone their language skills through a series of total immersion  songs, reading, writing, play and activities. All families receive practice assignments for at home reinforcement.  Our instructor provides in class assignments and homework for students to take home.  At EoTR we do encourage drop-off classes. However, parent observation is always welcome, but not required. We provide nutritious snacks are provided at no additional cost.


After School Language Classes

 We would love to partner with local childcare centers and schools, to provide classes to students!

In an effort to provide equitable access to bilingual education, if you are a parent or school that would like to introduce a total language immersion program as an after school offering or at a childcare center, please contact us directly. 

Click here for details on joining the After-School Language Program!

Saturday classes are limited to 10 students per class. If we partner for after-school classes these sizes may vary. 


Class Descriptions By Age Group

At EoTR, we do believe in testing our students to ensure they are retaining information presented in class.  Students are tested at the start of every new session, mid-year and at the end of the session.  We understand that this is an investment for families. Therefore, it is important for us to demonstrate qualitative and quantitative results.

Preschoolers’ Classes (Ages 3-5)

At EoTR, our Preschool language classes focuses on fun, play and repetition. Our native-level fluent instructors promote the use of the target language by using visuals, songs, and games. Ever notice how fast your child can learn a new song? We know that children in this age group learn through simple, repeated songs and phrases. As your child becomes familiar with more difficult aspects of the language by engaging in activities and play they will use their new language.  Our littlest learners amaze us every week with their growing vocabulary!

Elementary Classes (Ages 6-9)

Our elementary classes focus on reading and writing to ensure students not only listen, speak, sing and play in the target language. Assignments for this age group primarily focuses on reading, writing, recognition of numbers, sentence structure and parts of speech. Because many of our instructors are full-time educators they understand what is developmentally appropriate for each age group.

Elementary Classes (Ages 10-12)

With our older students we continue to build on their skills and expand on what they are learning during regular school hours.  We understand that at this age, it is important for student’s to learn problem solving. Our instructors provide activity sheets which are customized for each language level. Building beyond conversational language skills is the goal and helping students continue to read in the target language.  One exercise that we have incorporated, is a simulated telephone call, where the student must engage in conversation for at least 5-10 minutes.