Total immersion is the best method for most people to learn another language.  Total Immersion is dedicated time during which all activities (reading, writing, play, eating, etc.) are performed, while a single language is spoken. The key is that no translations are involved. Our instructors provides a total immersion experience from the beginning to the end of our classes.  To ensure our students are learning and retaining we provide assignments, play dates and events for exposure outside of the classroom. 

Can my child learn another language outside of the one spoken at home?

Yes, any child can learn a new language.  At EoTR, our curriculum is designed for the youngest learners.  Our goal is to prepare students for school and beyond – regardless of what language is spoken in the home.  

Please note – how fast your child learns the target language is contingent upon the amount of exposure and practice. Because of this we ensure that parents have the tools to support language at home. Most importantly, we plan events and activities to create opportunities outside of the classroom.  At EoTR, we encourage families to take advantage of every opportunity to engage in the bilingual journey. We believe families need each other on this journey for support.  

Why our kids need to learn another language?

Learning another language has been proven to provide greater cognitive advantages – learning two languages is like a gym for the brain. Studies have found that students in dual language programs are months ahead of their peers in English reading at a higher level. In the 21st century our children must be prepared to compete in a global society.  When your child learns another language, their life is enriched and opportunities present themselves that would not be possible without this additional skill. 

How effective are classes?

Your child’s brain is a sponge! So, now is the time. The research is clear that learning a second language can improve test scores, which can help to close the achievement gap.  Dual language students in DC have tested higher in math and reading.  Learning a language at an early age allows for the opportunity to become multilingual – that is right, speaking multiple languages.  There are countless benefits to learning another language – especially, at an early age.  

Why do we think mastering a second language is important?

At EoTR Foreign Languages for Kids, we know that proficiency in a second language and intercultural competency skills opens up employment opportunities, as many sectors require increasing involvement in the global economy.  We understand the proven cognitive benefits of mastering a second language, and its direct correlation to higher standardized test scores.  These cognitive benefits include, but are not limited to: increased mental flexibility, decision making, and strong problem solving skills.

My child already attends an immersion school, how can your language program assist?

At EoTR, we accept students at different levels of the language learning process – beginner, intermediate and advanced. If a student has current immersion experience, our trained staff provide small group assistance to accelerate the rate of learning, providing reinforcement through practice, homework, and project support. If your student needs homework assistance, reading and writing support or additional vocabulary practice, our EoTR classes can be quite beneficial for immersion students.

My child has been attending a 45-85 minute weekly language class, why aren't they fluent?

Like most complex skills, to achieve proficiency learning a language requires more than 45-85 minutes per week of practice. Our play dates, cultural excursions, and outside activities provides socializing opportunities in the target language. However, mastering a language requires several hours per week of additional exposure. A consistent, immersion program is the recommended solution for achieving fluency. Source: (Multilingual Children’s Association)

Can learning a second language confuse my child?

Quite the opposite, studies have proven that young children can acquire a second language as easily and naturally as they acquire their first. They’ve discovered cognitive advantages in learning a second language. Source: (ACTFL).

What curriculum does EoTR Foreign Languages use?

We use our own personalized curriculum that infuses cultural elements from Afro-Latin American cultures, through art, food, instruments and guests. At EoTR, we work on recruiting top notch instructors that have experience teaching and working with children from all backgrounds.  To ensure a fresh and exciting classroom experience we do not use a “generic curriculum”.  Our teachers come up with imaginative and custom exercises for our students, with a mix of traditional classroom lessons.  Because one size does not fit all!