Trips & Events


At EoTR, cultural trips and events are infused into our curriculum. We work with parents to plan trips and events that extend learning beyond the classroom.  Although, the majority of time will be spent in a classroom setting, we understand the importance of cultural exchanges that will have a lasting impact and the need for families EoTR to bond over their journey towards bilingualism. 

EoTR’s goal is to expand our curriculum to include an immersive family travel experience for families that are looking to share this experience with other families during the summer or extended breaks.   






Virtual Weekday Spanish Classes (Wednesday) starting October 7th – November 25th. Time: 1-2pm No class on November 11th.

Spanish, Music, and Instruments class for all registered students  – ENDED























Saturday Afternoon Spanish Class – 1:30pm-2:15pm Ongoing





EoTR Cultural Exploration & Fundraiser Event – Location: TBD

(Ward 7/8)     Summer 2020 (TBD)