Why was EoTR Foreign Languages for Kids started?

EoTR Foreign Languages for Kids was started to provide language services to children living East of the River in Wards 7 and 8 in Washington, DC.  We know that parents EoTR desperately want a quality multilingual educational program for their children.  However, language services EoTR are drastically under resourced compared to other neighborhoods in the District.  For example, as of School Year 2018/2019 there are 23 Public Dual Language Immersion programs in DC and only two are located EoTR.

There is a lack of equitable access to multilingual education for children EoTR. At EoTR Foreign languages for Kids, we understand that multilingualism can help close the opportunity gap.  Research has shown that there was a 148 percent jump in bilingual job postings in the Washington region since 2010 and the majority of these jobs are for Spanish speakers. The latest research show that “children of color, children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and English Language Learners make the greatest proportionate achievement gains from foreign language study.”

What you can expect at EoTR?

At EoTR Foreign Languages for Kids we understand that kids learn best in an total immersion and fun environment. Therefore, our classes teach children a new target language using songs, stories, games, drawing, and dance to engage children in their new language.    

During EoTR classes your child will:


The obvious - learn a new language


Expect to make cognitive leaps - this is gym for the brain


Learning a language helps with cultural acceptance


Our small class sizes helps making new amigos a breeze

In addition to teaching our non-native language speaking students, we are committed to recruiting and teaching native language speaking students to be proficient in writing and reading in their native language.  Because we understand the importance of preserving the culture of our native language speaking students and learning through play,  EoTR is continuously striving to provide resources to all children living in our community.

How to get the most out of your EoTR experience:

Be present You have to be in it to win it – come to each class.

Practice This is so important – practice at home when opportunities present themselves, (e.g., family vacations, meeting new friends, at cultural events, any screen time should be in the target language, etc.). Reinforcement is essential for optimal retention.

More practice  Practice makes perfect! Homework assignments and resources provided by instructors are a great help.

Class structure and preparation  Our instructors are fun but they understand following classroom rules and participation expectations are essential for productive classroom time.  We know that not all instructors possess the necessary skills to effectively engage children and minimize classroom management issues – so, our criteria for instructors extends well beyond fluency in the target language.  

Here is how you can maximize learning:

Learn what your child is learning Familiarize yourself with the learning materials that the instructor provides. Parents listen to the proper pronunciation, so that you can reinforce learning at home.  

Speak it  Speak in the target language, but limit translating vocabulary unless it is obvious your child does not understand. Let them work for it – you will be surprised!

Have a great attitude and lots of patience Teachers and parents should always provide encouragement to students – this builds confident and strong leaders.

Inform and Plan Provide instructor advance notice of any extended class leave.  Plan to practice missed vocabulary – this can be done through take home assignments, online aids provided, connecting with another family, etc.  (Please note, that make up classes are not offered when classes are missed)

Communication  Share any in class or at home concerns with the director or instructor that may affect the learning.